Apprenticeship Professional Training Program

Ballet Creole’s Apprenticeship Professional Training Program is the only dance training program that offers students unique techniques designed to strengthen overall performative ability for a diverse range of dance.

Designed for emerging artists, we have created a space to develop artists who will be diverse in their movements and/or musical aesthetics with special emphasis on Traditional and Contemporary aesthetics of Africa and the African Diaspora. You will hone your craft through our three-pronged approach: Technique, Exploration, and Application.


Training with Ballet Creole Dance Company, you will solidify fundamentals in alignment and conditioning. Movement techniques and practices have been designed to promote endurance, suppleness, awareness, economy, and precision in movement. These exercises are also intended to reduce injuries, excessive tension, awkward gestures, casual carriage, and inexpressive mobility. Studies in anatomy further the student’s self-awareness and provide practical knowledge for safe and effective use of the body.


Explore your inner nature and your relationship to the world and other people through exercises focused on space, time, energy, gesture, and emotion. We’ll use improvisations and guided experimentation in a variety of movement practices tol explore the interrelationship of mind, spirit, and body.


While training with Ballet Creole Dance Company, you will be given the opportunity to apply the technical and explorative lessons through rehearsals and repertory modules. These “performance driven” classes will integrate your training into the process of training and rehearsing for professional performances. 


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